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The philosophy for management

1.Controlling it by itself
The highest management model is controlling by itself, it just means motivating the passion of our staffs by internal controlling, the intelligent workers have good habits of self control, and most of their work are about brainwork.the inflexible regulation doesn’t have any meaning to them,they hope their work can be full of challenge, and not so fixed, so our organization have to pay much attention to our staffs thoughts in order to play their talents in work, try our best to offer good and comfortable working environment for our staff, on one hand, we have to broden the work scale, enrich the contents, making our work to be diversified and completed. On the other hand, we have to make our working time and working area to be much more flexible, and build the company style and company culture which friendship takes the most, let our staffs think working is a happy thing, they can show their working talents and achieve self-worth in work, by this way, they can play their positiveness and creativeness highest.

2.Encourage and rewarding system from many sides
Firstly , improving staffs’ salary and welfare, for the staffs who is mainly for intellectual work , salary shows self –worth, the higher salary can help the staff feel careness from the company, on the design for salary, we will consider it according to staff’s different working performance, by this way ,it can show up the different values for different people to our staff, welfare is still the most important means for company to attract and keep staffs, many people consider the welfare as a very important side when they hunt for a new job.
Secondly, offer the salary according to their working performance, on the basis of consummate examine system for their performance, and binding the staff’s salary and company’s prospect together tightly, bearing the risk ,enjoying the benefits together is a viable way, such as distributing the stock right or the options.
Finally. Meet the mental needs. Though the matter interest is the basic element for playing the positive, the mental needs is also huge impetus. The needs is higher than the matter needs, it can play its role permanently .therefore, apart from improving the synthesized treatment for staffs who is manily on brainwork, we have to still pay attention to the sense of work satisfaction, including the job challenge and enjoyment, leaving space for staff to play their creativeness and achieve the personal needs

3.Pay attention to the training
Intelligent workers will pay much more attention to the chance of training or relearn which is offered by the company out of the self and vocational needs, so the company will not only offer the considerable salary to the staff, but also improve the training system for talents, creating the learning chance for intelligent workers in order to let them improve their skills, making them have the ability of working the whole life. By this way, the company can connect its development with the personal development ,and achieve double—win, seeing from the social trends, the fees for company trainning grows every year, the higher knowledge needed, the company will pay much more on average training fee and time ,therefore , it is very important for the knowledgable company to strengthen the training for the talents. Company should increase the cost for the training according to the company’s finance. 

4.The plan for vocational career
Intelligent workers set high position or goal for themselves, company have to fully know their personal needs and the future development direction, and offer them the chance which is full of challenge, giving them the biggest space for them to develop and show their talents, let them have the right of speaking and making decision, with the development of the company, at the same time, offering them the chance of promotion or creating the new career , let the staff see their developing prospect in the organization very clearly, and form the long--term partnership, and make great contributions to the company.
Human capital is considered as the key part for the knowledgeable company, it raise higher request for the management of human resources. designing and making a suitable huaman management plan is good for the development of company , especially for the company which is middle or small scale, under the fierce market competition, you can win forever if you are good at recruiting and keeping the talents.


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